Over the past six years, I have shared original,  presentations with libraries, museums and synagogues in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey on a variety of art topics that go beyod the standard lecture on the visual arts. I have attempted to answer questions that have interested me deeply, including how Picasso survived during the war years, how artists througout history have coped with censorship, the unique story of Joseph Cornell, how photography offered greater opportunity for women, why landscape painting is still revelant and more. I have become a regular guest lecturer at the New City Library, the Chappaqua Library and the Brookdale senior residence in Manhattan.

My research took me to Spain last year so I could gain a deeper understanding of Velazquez's life, including finding his childhood home in Seville (see photo). I have worked with the Edward Hopper House on planning a new permanent exhibition and delivered keynote presentations there, most recently Hopper's Hat.

As we move into 2020 during a pandemic, I have started to work with libraries and organizations via live events on the internet. If you are interested in hosting a presentation, please contact me so that I can learn more about your community and establish a mutually acceptable date for a keynote in the future. Please contact ctisdell166@gmail.com  201-589-4337

Art Talks

Ameriprise and First Trust

Brookdale Senior Living, Battery Park, NY

Bronxville Library

Chappaqua Library

Edward Hopper House Museum, Nyack, NY

Larchmont Library

Lillian Booth Actors Home, Englewood, NJ

Montclair State University

New Canaan Library

New City Library

Oakland Library

Sinai Free Synagogue, Mount Vernon, NY

Simsbury Library

Suffern Library

Trager Contemporary, Charleston, SC

Valley Cottage Library

Westchester Society of Humanistic Judaism

photos: with Joan Kuhn at the Chappaqua Library. below: making a presentation on Joseph Cornell at the Edward Hopper House

Armchair Voyager, Joseph Cornell

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Triumph of Pan, Picasso in Occupied Paris

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Diego Velazquez, Strokes of Genius

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Artists/ Censorship, From Veronese to Pussy Riot

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Fractured Space, Innovations in Sculpture

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Americana, Part II

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Why the Landscape?

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Hopper's Hat

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Americana, Part I

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