Since 2013, I have created figurines, mixed-media pieces, and paintings for a series I call Women In Trouble.

My interest in issues women face started with my mom who grew up during the great depression and had to leave school at an early age to tend to her four siblings. Like many people that endured the great depression, she was damaged by poverty and never recovered. As a married adult, she stayed at home and raised two children but wound up unequipped to handle a job or further her own education.

Women in Trouble No.1 (figurine) was exhibited at the Brenda Taylor Gallery, NYC and Astral Housewives was exhibited at Ivan Karp's OK Harris Gallery.

I still continue to add to this series, Songbirds, done in 2021 is a recent addition.

cliff tisdell

jan 2018

Women In Trouble

Work on Paper

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